That’ll be two Glocks and a Beretta

Who knew?

TWO GLOCKSWhat wild guess could possibly have seen Beyonce as the solution to Sandy Hook? Or Jay-Z going on-stage to prevent another Aurora theatre massacre? If music mogul Michael ‘Blue’ Williams has his way, the NRA will finally face a well-armed enemy. Wayne Lapierre will be encouraged to put a Smith & Wesson to his head and become number one with a bullet. Like most great ideas, Williams’ is simply brilliant, with the emphasis on ‘simple.’

Trade guns for concert tickets.

Starting with seats to see Beyonce up for grabs. And after her lip-synched spectacular, we can anticipate a flood of firearms offered as currency for admission to hot acts. See the Killers with no killing involved. Trade your AR 15 for front row at Finger Eleven. A Glock gets you into Lady Gaga. Boogie backstage with Bono in exchange for a Beretta.

Who wouldn’t give up their Remington for a chance to see Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake?

The best thing about this ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ idea is that it can play out on so many stages. People want stuff. People have guns. In today’s economy, stuff for guns is an offer few can refuse.

The bridal registry? Taken care of.

Those classic Colts in the attic suddenly become a new Mustang. The cost of Dad’s heart surgery out-drawn by a Walther.

It just gets better and better. Instead of using guns to steal money, the bad guys will steal guns to trade for Escalades. What’ll it be? That gun safe in the corner of the den or a Porsche at the end of the driveway? I can think of only one reason why the idea might not work:


11 years ago

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