Free Lance.

Here we go again.

liestrong_homeJeff Novitsky and his crew of fumbling FDA ferrets are having another run at bringing down Lance Armstrong.

The failed basketball player turned accountant is regurgitating claims that the seven time Tour de France winner is guilty of doping, along with surviving cancer and providing the personal inspiration and drive behind a charity that has raised nearly $300 million to turn cancer sufferers into survivors.

Like the persistent disease itself, it’s a recurring example of having what we choose to believe tainted by pathetic bureaucrats who in the absence of any guts of their own, attack those who have both guts and balls in carload quantities.

Some things are never known and we carry on the best we can. In the real world that exists outside the FDA, we also offer those who err the opportunity to redeem themselves. What we know is that as much as science can determine over and over again, Lance Armstrong has never used drugs, despite what the proven users and losers who live in envy of him say. Based on that information and an unprecedented display of courage, determination and caring for others in the wake of a seeming death sentence, why can’t they just let the man continue to amaze and inspire us?

Let it be.

At some point you have to ask “Lance did drugs? If so, so what?” Even if Novitsky can finally cobble together proof for his claim, his achievement will be equivalent to finding a Leper in a Leper colony. The Tour without drugs is like a Zebra without stripes.

A better way of dealing with performance-enhancing drugs would be to do what the car racing guys have done all along and create “stock” and “modified” classes.

Screw it.

The nut of it is that I don’t want my kids to model themselves after the joyless wannabes who sit in pale green offices trying to make less of those they can never aspire to be.

I’m going out for a blood transfusion.

12 years ago

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