When living legends die.

Even living legends die. When they do we say ‘there’ll never be another’ but often there’s at least a reasonable facsimile. The one-and-only thing is true of a few …. John Lennon, certainly. And now Lou Reed, with Dylan and Cohen waiting their turn. It’s depressing watching them go, and I’m dealing with it by delving into the whereabouts of the next of musical kin. In the wake of Reed’s wake I got to wondering what his VU cohorts were up to … especially Moe Tucker.

Lou-thumbPart of the genius Andy Warhol recognized and destructively nurtured in the Velvet Underground was their eclectic mix. Both in life and on record.

Moe wasn’t much prettier then than she is now, but she was instrumental in proving that the sexiest creature on earth is a female drummer. She set the bar for Sheila E and Meg White.

Lou went from the Wild Side to meditation and kayaking. As if to confirm that disparity is often the birthplace of brilliance, Maureen went from Wal-Mart to ardent Tea Party supporter. John Cale has gone on to become one of the most diversified and in-demand collaborators in music. Sterling Morrison became a tugboat captain and died of cancer aged fifty-two. Nico never learned to ride a bicycle.

They were together for a brief and unforgettable moment.

11 years ago